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MGS 2015

Empowering A New World of Energy


The need to increase grid resiliency and reliability -- as well as the desire to integrate sustainable energy resources and extend access to basic energy services -- is driving interest in Microgrids around the world. Commercial and industrial end users, off-grid and remote communities, and those with special needs for highly reliable, highly secure energy sources are looking to Microgrids as a critical tool for enhancing the performance of the electric grid. Yet questions and challenges remain for stakeholders across the spectrum:

- What are the business models for key stakeholders? - What are the essential value propositions? - What regulatory changes will be required? - How can Microgrids integrate with existing operations? - What are the latest enabling technology advances? - How can we best work together to move forward?

The Microgrid Global Summit 2015 brings together experts from Industry, Government, and Academia from around the world to examine these issues and share critical, cutting edge information about real-world, on-the-ground Microgrid deployments that are pushing the envelope of energy reliability, quality, and accessibility in the following two tracks:



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